Hope you will enjoy doctor Amelia treating her sick sister Avelina in this toy freaks skit with a hidden egg in it. Kids Corner loves making skit video’s that are based on the Freak Family videos, we give it our own twist though with Moana, Vaiana and a spider in it and inspired it even further on Doc McStuffins videos while playing the Crocodile Dentist challenge.

As indicated, this skit is inspired by a Toy Freaks episode called “Bad Baby Doctor Victoria & Sick Annabelle Toy Freaks Hidden Egg”, click on the link below to watch it. In this episode, bad baby Victoria is treating sick Annabelle after eating from the gumball machine.

This episode starts with Amelia and Avelina playing the Crocodile Dentist game and Avelina complains about her belly. Doctor Amelia dressed up as Doc McStuffins dresses up and cuts open Avelina while being operated. Blood shoots in her face but she continues to find out why Avelina’s stomach aches. She pulls out Moana or Vaiana first, followed by a giant spider and a tasty little frog. Just when everything is okay again, Amelia continues the Crocodile Dentist game and it bites her immediately leaving her in a long scream…

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